VUS Advertising Campaign – Super Summer in 2017

The summer vacation comes with excitements and opportunities. With the vision of creating a meaningful and educational summer, VUS started their Super Summer English program in 2017 for children from 6 to 11 in Ho Chi Minh city. VUS had partnered with ShareCarForAds to deliver an on car advertising campaign.


VUS Super Summer English Advertising Campaign
VUS Super Summer English

Super Summer English was exclusively designed by VUS for children from 6-11. The program mainly focuses on 8 types of intelligence, in which help them fully develop their potential. The program was conducted by 100% of foreign teachers with the high expertise in education activities. The participants might compete their English ability in Summer Star Contest – the biggest English competition for kids of the year.

There are 4 mini-events in the program and they are:

VUS Super Summer Program 2017 Advertising Campaign
VUS Super Summer Program 2017

For more information, please kindly log on VUS website for more details.

ShareCarForAds Advertising Campaign with VUS

With 30 drivers participated the campaign in Ho Chi Minh City, the program was promoted widely to the public. The design of the vehicles had captured the attention of the parents and helped them recognized the program.

VUS Car Advertising Campaign ShareCarForAds
VUS Car Advertising Campaign

ShareCarForAds – Who are we?

With ShareCarForAds, brands and products can easily connect with the drivers from all over the nation to conduct a car wrap advertising campaign. ShareCarForAds provides the most advanced technology to measure the effectiveness of the project and make sure that the message was delivered to the correct audiences.

For drivers, ShareCarForAds can be considered as a “Side Hustle” by using their own personal vehicles as a tool. Each driver can achieve from 1,2 to 2,2 millions VND per month for participating our projects.

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