ShareCarForAds is looking for Full-stack NodeJS Developer

Top 3 Reasons To Join Us

  • Challenge your creativity with innovative projects
  • Pioneer Out-of-home advertising, which hasn’t been changed for decades
  • Build a startup from 0 to a Million-Dollar company

The job:

ShareCarForAds,Swiss Innovation 2017 champion, is offering a full-stack web developer position
Why? We are on the mission to revolutionize Out-of-home advertising, which hasn’t been changed for decades
What we do exactly? We build an on-car advertising platform that connects brands and Uber/Grab owners to advertise on their cars.


We are looking for a Senior Full-stack web developer, experienced in NodeJS.

If you:

  • Are curious, ask good questions
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to learn new things super-fast
  • Have great professionalism
  • Are able to lead a team less than 5 devs
  • Have a degree? We don’t care, as long as you rock!
  • Then you are a good fit.

Your Skills and Experience


– Build a responsive website, either from scratch or use a framework.


– Algorithm and data structure knowledge: know how to optimize your code, for e.g: write O(nlogn) algo, rather than O(n2)
– Software design patterns: fluent with patterns, like Singleton, Factory, Decorator, Adapter.
– Highly-scalable real-time system: 10,000 concurrent users is not a problem to you.
– Experienced in NodeJs, at least 2 years
– Experienced in both SQL and NoSQL and know when to use what.
– Experienced in Test Driven Development
All the required skills will be tested, so please don’t bluff, just be honest with what you know.

Why You’ll Love Working Here?

  • Opportunities to work with large-scale and diverse range of products. Our futuristic advertising products will surely surprise you.
  • We value deliveries than time, so we don’t need to check over your shoulders, just commit your great code!
  • Opportunities to work at ShareCarForAds’ office in Australia and get Australian green card once we expand the market there.
  • Competitive salary for startup

+ Intern/ Fresher: $300 – $900
+ Senior: $1,000 – $2,000
+ Key contributors get equity of the company
+ Social and Medical Insurance are covered
+ Bonus on project basis.
+ Annual leaves

  • Other working costs such as parking fee, product development costs, business trips … are all covered.
  • Our office locates at Vinhomes Central Park, Bình Thanh District. You will have free access to all facilities of one of the most high-end residences in Ho Chi Minh City, such as gym, pool, BBQ.

CV should be submitted to Apply now!

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