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Singapore Tourism Board: “Passion Made Possible”

With the idea that “Singapore is not just a spirited place famous for tourist attractions but it is also a country of constantly developing, refresh and transform itself by the force of passionate people who never stop creating new potential things”, Passion Ambassadors of Singapore Tourism Board will help you to experience, explore and make your passion into reality. ShareCarForAds has been proudly chosen by Singapore Tourism Board as a media channel to promote this campaign.

The “notorious” shophouse road in Singapore is available now in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi

Singapore Tourism
Chinatown shophouses in Singapore

Singapore is famous for its unique architecture, including colonial-style buildings and Chinese shophouses which are located next to modern skyscrapers of the city. Singapore Tourism Board used this image to spread the old meets the new spirit of Singapore via this campaign. Was it a hidden meaning choice? Feeling like tourists entering a shophouse in Chinatown when someone opens the car door. Why don’t we book a tour straight to Singapore to explore more real experiences?

Singapore Tourism
Diminished Chinatown shophouses in Vietnam

To sum up

In October of 2017, ShareCarForAds was honored to be a partner with Singapore Tourism Board in spreading the “Passion Made Possible” campaign. 200 drivers have continuously brought the beautiful images of Singapore to get closer and wider to Vietnam market.

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