What is ads on cars ?

Moving ad boards on cars.
Bring your message to target audiences right on the roads

“Ads on Cars” is still a new advertising platform in Vietnam, which enables brands to engage their target audience in more effective ways: more eye-catching, more memorable and more targeted. dưới 19,500 VND cho 1 nghìn lượt xem.

19,500VND /CPM*

*CPM, standing for Cost Per 1000 impressions, is a measurement of how much it will cost you to reach 1,000 viewers.

Why us?

Larger surface.
Eye-catching and memorable design.

Wrapping designs in taxi are mold in rear door only. Wheares, ours are wrapped along the car's outer surface, making strong impression to the public

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Ads on normal taxi

Larger Surface: Up to

Ads on ShareCarForAds\' cars

Why us?

GPS Vehicle Tracking System enables anytime, anywhere observation.

The ability to measure the quality of advertising campaigns is always our first priority. ShareCarForAds provides an analytics platform reporting on locations, mileage and impressions for the extent of the client’s campaign. Brands can access to tracking dashboard from anytime at anywhere.

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