Car Wrap Advertising with Michelin – When It Matters Most

With customers’ satisfaction as the top priority, Michelin is always motivated to create the best quality products. Tires by Michelin can fulfill all the requirements of good tires such as safety, longevity, fuel saving, comfort, driving pleasure, etc. To increase the awareness of the brand, Michelin started a campaign called “When it matters most” with the participation of ShareCarForAds through car wrap advertising activity.


The campaign “When It Matters Most” was created by Michelin in 2017 to increase the recognition for Michelin worldwide. Michelin delivers the message that we will always by your side in the most important moments. Michelin tires are mentioned as the symbol of safety throughout the campaign. With stories from many cultures, Michelin has connected with people from all around the world.

Car Wrap Advertising Michelin
Car Wrap Advertising Michelin


Collaborated with Michelin, ShareCarForAds with our crew delivered the car wrap advertising campaign for “When It Matter Most” in 2017. 160 drivers participated the project in one month and achieved incredible results, such as:

  • The drivers traveled 575,305 kilometers in Ho Chi Minh City & Hanoi.
  • Each driver delivered 3,736 kilometers throughout the campaign.
  • The message got 280,200 impressions for each driver during the campaign.
Car Wrap Advertising Michelin
Car Wrap Advertising Michelin


With ShareCarForAds, brands and products can easily connect with the drivers from all over the nation to conduct a car wrap advertising campaign. ShareCarForAds provides the most advanced technology to measure the effectiveness of the project and make sure that the message was delivered to the correct audiences.

For drivers, ShareCarForAds can be considered as a “Side Hustle” by using their own personal vehicles as a tool. Each driver can achieve from 1,2 to 2,2 millions VND per month for participating our projects.

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