Car Advertising Coca-Cola: "Loving For A Joyful Tet"

As a part of Coca-Cola annual Tet campaign, Coca-Cola launched its special project called “Loving For A Joyful Tet – “Cho Tết Vẹn Yêu Thương”. With the focus on Vietnamese culture values, the campaign embraces the moments of loves in our daily life. As a promotional activity of the campaign, ShareCarForAds is proud to be a part of Coca-Cola’s car advertising campaign for Tet 2018.


In order to fit with the atmosphere of Tet holiday, Coca-Cola had renewed its design with the theme “Loving For A Joyful Tet – “Cho Tết Vẹn Yêu Thương”. Through this campaign, Coca-Cola understands that Tet is the moment for reunion and sharing and it needs to be embraced. Forget the rush of your daily life, Tet is the moment for Vietnamese traditional values to be cherished.

ShareCarForAds - CocaCola
Coca-Cola 2018

Car Advertising Coca-Cola: Spread The Joy

Together with ShareCarForAds, Coca-Cola started their on car advertising for their Tet 2018 project on the streets of Hanoi. With the unique design, the advertising created lots of impressions from the public. The project made the joyful atmosphere of Tet spreading all over the city.

Quảng Cáo Dán Xe Coca-Cola - ShareCarForAds
Car Advertising Coca-Cola
Quảng Cáo Dán Xe Coca-Cola - ShareCarForAds
Coca-Cola – ShareCarForAds


With ShareCarForAds, brands and products can easily connect with the drivers from all over the nation to conduct a car wrap advertising campaign. ShareCarForAds provides the most advanced technology to measure the effectiveness of the project and make sure that the message was delivered to the correct audiences.

For drivers, ShareCarForAds can be considered as a “Side Hustle” by using their own personal vehicles as a tool. Each driver can achieve from 1,2 to 2,2 millions VND per month for participating our projects.

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