How Can OOH Advertising Survive during The New Era of Digital Marketing

While life keeps on being hustle and bustle, moving and traveling takes almost every hour of a day, especially for citizens residing in metropolises. Therefore, OOH channel is created to become a highly- investing way for taking the brand a step closer to the public. Despite having so many indigenous digital marketing trends, OOH advertisement […] Đọc tiếp →

Car Advertising Coca-Cola: "Loving For A Joyful Tet"

As a part of Coca-Cola annual Tet campaign, Coca-Cola launched its special project called “Loving For A Joyful Tet – “Cho Tết Vẹn Yêu Thương”. With the focus on Vietnamese culture values, the campaign embraces the moments of loves in our daily life. As a promotional activity of the campaign, ShareCarForAds is proud to be […] Đọc tiếp →

Roadshow: FWD takes over the streets

Collaborate with ShareCarForAds, FWD had successfully created their roadshow and car advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City & Ha Noi. The projects of FWD caught the attention of the public and create an impression about the brand. WHAT IS FWD? From Hong Kong to Macau, Thailand to Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Japan and now […] Đọc tiếp →

Enjoy Singapore Tourism right in Vietnam with ShareCareForAds

Singapore Tourism Board: “Passion Made Possible” With the idea that “Singapore is not just a spirited place famous for tourist attractions but it is also a country of constantly developing, refresh and transform itself by the force of passionate people who never stop creating new potential things”, Passion Ambassadors of Singapore Tourism Board will help […] Đọc tiếp →

VUS Advertising Campaign – Super Summer in 2017

The summer vacation comes with excitements and opportunities. With the vision of creating a meaningful and educational summer, VUS started their Super Summer English program in 2017 for children from 6 to 11 in Ho Chi Minh city. VUS had partnered with ShareCarForAds to deliver an on car advertising campaign. SUPER SUMMER ENGLISH 2017 Super […] Đọc tiếp →

On Car Advertising "Head & Shoulders" – Cool The Heat

In 2017, “Head & Shoulders” on car advertising campaign traveled through every corner of Ho Chi Minh City. Head & Shoulder had chosen their collaboration with ShareCarForAds as one of their top priority campaign of the year. Head & Shoulders – Live flake free Head & Shoulders is No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo of Procter & Gamble (P&G). […] Đọc tiếp →

On Car Advertising "Generali" – Insurance for everybody

With ShareCarForAds, Generali had conducted a fascinating on car advertising campaign in 2017. The incredible design of a mighty lion on the vehicles’ surface, this could be considered as ShareCarForAds’ representative work in our completed projects collection. On Car Advertising “Generali” ShareCarForAds team with 150 drivers had delivered Generali’s message to every corner of Ho […] Đọc tiếp →

Car Wrap Advertising with Michelin – When It Matters Most

With customers’ satisfaction as the top priority, Michelin is always motivated to create the best quality products. Tires by Michelin can fulfill all the requirements of good tires such as safety, longevity, fuel saving, comfort, driving pleasure, etc. To increase the awareness of the brand, Michelin started a campaign called “When it matters most” with […] Đọc tiếp →